Carbon Neutral Forever

We’ve taken responsibility for our impact on the planet and have pledged to be carbon neutral forever.

By calculating an accurate carbon footprint for the studio we’ve not only over-offset our emissions but we’re supporting a variety of amazing good causes worldwide.

+0 Tonnes

For the year 2020/21, we calculated that we our studio was responsible for a little under 13 Tonnes of CO2e.

Our calculations included:

  • Energy & water usage (including when WFH)
  • Our equipment (assessing a year’s worth of emissions from their average lifespan)
  • Office waste (recycled & landfill)
  • Our web and cloud hosting sources
  • Consumables such as coffees, teas and lunches
  • Printed items ordered directly through the studio

Mara Elephant Project

We donated 11,250 seedballs to Mara Elephant Project to help re-establish green habitats around the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Not only did this offset up to 20 tonnes over the lifetime of the native trees planted, but it also helps to support the Mara team with their anti-poaching and research activities.

+13 Tonnes
-20 We offset 20 tonnes with seedballs
11,250 Seedballs purchased and distributed on Root’s behalf
2020 MEP recorded the highest level of habitat destruction in a decade
419 Arrests of ivory or bushmeat poachers since 2012

Carbon Neutral Britain

We have signed up to offset a further 60 tonnes through Carbon Neutral Britain.

Within this agreement we have become officially carbon neutral whilst planting 240 trees and supporting green energy projects across the globe - from woodland management in Yorkshire to the Burgos Wind Farm Project in Philippines.

-7 Tonnes
-60 We offset 60 tonnes by supporting CNB projects
500k Tonnes of CO2e offset by CNB projects worldwide
3,000,000 Trees planted by Carbon Neutral Britain since their foundation in 2020, 240 of those are ours!

World Land Trust

1 acre of rainforest secured and protected through World Land Trust.

Planting new trees is one thing, but our donation to the World Land Trust will help to secure an existing acre of rainforest in Belize from destruction. Conserving green space and habitats for a wide spectrum of species including hornbills, jaguars and Yucatan spider monkeys.

1 acre Our contribution to protecting rainforest in Belize
2.54m Acres of habitat protected by WLT funding
2.4m The number of trees planted by WLT since their foundation
25 Number of countries where WLT has purchased land for protection


We planted 100 new mangrove trees in Indonesia through SeaTrees.

Mangrove forests are 5-10x more effective than rainforests at removing carbon from the air, so our 100 trees could offset up to 500 tonnes over their lifetime. The trees also help to protect Biak Island from storm-surges and sea-level rise, creating habitat for threatened species and providing sustainable employment for local villagers.

-67 Tonnes
-500 We offset 500 tonnes by planting mangrove trees
+900k Mangrove trees planted and protected by SeaTrees
6,000 Coral fragments planted and protected by SeaTrees
5-10x Mangrove forest is 5-10x more effective than rainforest at removing carbon from the air

The Ocean Foundation

We offset 13 tonnes by planting seagrass through The Ocean Foundation.

As the only community foundation for the ocean, The Ocean Foundation’s mission is to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world.

-567 Tonnes
-13 We offset 13 tonnes by planting seagrass
$74.4m Spent by The Ocean Foundation since inception
35x Seagrass absorbs carbon up to 35x faster than trees
71% Of Earth’s surface is ocean, so protection is paramount

So what do we do now?

We’re all really proud that we’ve been able to make a difference but there’s still more that we can do everyday to help reduce our impact

  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Care for our equipment
  • Using public transport
  • Go plant-based for food/drink
  • Hybrid working
  • Source sustainable print
  • Use more ethical suppliers