Recipe for a modern website


Root Studio websites are unique and tailored to clients individual needs. Using the latest web technology we are able to offer vibrant builds that still offer the flexibility and customisation that some projects require. We use a range of online services to provide cutting edge content editing, typography and layout in an age where the traditional 'one-size-fits-all' desktop website approach just doesn't cut it any more. 

We've tried to give you a breakdown of some of the tools and approaches that make our sites better than the rest below:

It all starts with a grid

For the past 12-24 months we have been offering a more responsive approach to website projects than the traditional fixed width designs that more traditional agencies tend to offer. Mobile and tablet usage is increasing throughout the world and for some people the only time they will use or interact with your website will be using their iPhone 5 or their Nexus 7. Using a fluid approach, built on a solid grid, gives our responsive websites the best chance to be 'future-proof' as they are able to 'respond' to varying screen widths and priorities - now and in the future.

Please don't set my text in Arial

Gone are the days of setting web type in the 10 or so available fonts across all Mac/Linux/PC systems - all our web builds take advantage of Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts or use the ever growing @font-face choices available, to offer a vast range of font choices within our web designs. This often means that we can match typography much closer to your brand and means we don't have to compromise with a 'closest match' to present the brand image that you need.

Giving you control of your content

Increasingly customers need complete control over the content of their websites and that should not be seen as a barrier to the creative process or the structure of the site. Building bespoke content management solutions using the highly customisable Perch software enables us to offer tailored content management for your web build that absolutely do not interfere with the creative solutions we can offer. 

With built in user roles, blog, gallery and shop apps coupled with totally bespoke region editing within the interface we can bring a custom editing solution to all your website pages to match your needs. 

Test, test, test

None of the above would be any use if our websites then only functioned on specific, modern browsers so we test all our sites using a range of in house devices and we also rely on the BrowserStack emulation service to fill in the gaps of the devices we don't have to hand. This means that we can test our web builds in a range of new and old browsers on a wide range of platforms to make sure that your customers are left with the right impression from your website.

What all this means for you

Using the above tools (and some we ran out of room to mention) coupled with hand coding all our sites using the latest W3C compliant HTML5 & CSS3 (no templates here please!) means we can concentrate on making your website the 'best-in-class' whether that be a simple one page static build or a complex, content managed, responsive build for the latest supermarket product . For your web builds, big or small, we have the right ingredients for a great user experience.