Vibrant branding & website design for Wretch & Rascal

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Wretch & Rascal, Leicester quirky website design by Root Studio

A few months ago we were approached by a creative duo from Leicester going under the name of Wretch & Rascal. The pair were looking to launch a brand new creative mobile photo booth business available for hire at weddings and events across the UK. After discussing their ambitions for the brand it was clear that we were looking at something quite special!

Together we formed a brief for the logo and website design that outlined their goals for the business, the target audience (described as 'manic exhibitionists') and they're preference for an impactful and illustrative approach. There was also a clear desire for the logo to have a strong presence and to be purely typographic. 

Equipped with this understanding we first approached the logo design for this exciting new venture. We shared a number of ideas with the client ranging from scrawled, handwritten logotype to an offset 80s punk style and a series of letterpress effect ideas. After a series of tweaks, improvements and fine tuning the new Wretch & Rascal logo was formed.

Wretch & Rascal photo booth logo design by Root Studio

With the logo ready to go, our next task was to look at the website. Whilst chatting through the specification for the new site it was clear that we wanted to produce something that was a little out of the ordinary. 

All very exciting and we are well chuffed how it has turned out! A great collaboration! Wretch and Rascal are totes happy!

Wretch & Rascal

Creative typography, detailed illustrations, animated transitions and an irregular layout - all on a responsive website with a content management system; together these things would usually send a shudder down a web developer's spine - but at Root Studio anything is possible and our designers and developers love a challenge!

From the beginning we had the sense that we had the opportunity to take one big step away from the norm (maybe even two or three steps) and create something really creative that pushes the boundaries of modern web design. 

Wretch & Rascal responsive website design

Since launching the site we've been working with Wretch & Rascal on their marketing materials to help promote the site and are really looking forward to seeing what we can collaborate on next!