13 years... unlucky for some!

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Root Studio 13th Birthday

Today, on the 1st October 2020, our studio became a rebellious teenager! In a year where we predicted that the Brexit fallout would be our biggest barrier to success - something else took its place at centre stage and our ambitious targets and strategies made way for a single operation... staying alive (in more ways than one).

For Root Studio, the year 2019/20 kicked off with a succession of big project wins, major developments and huge plans for the future which saw record profits and incredible momentum building up. In March this stopped. Suddenly and without warning. Our proud studio space was evacuated as the office that once resembled an Apple store switched to something from 28 Days Later. Despite this, with our team dispersing to the safety of their own homes, as a testament to both our cloud-based setup and determined designers and developers, we were back up and running within hours. 

Root Studio COVID evacuation
The big evacuation

Over the coming weeks we, as did others in our industry, saw current and upcoming projects paused or cancelled as marketing budgets tightened, events were postponed and our clients took time to adjust to remote working themselves. We fondly refer back to this time as 'stressful beyond all measure'. But with a positive outlook and a determination to push through these barriers we set forth to find new ways of working, from new channels new leads emerged from new faces in new cities. Exciting new collaborations were formed and our workflow adapted and slowly we started to thrive in this new world.

Root Studio office space
The studio is coming back to life

In the end, against all odds and despite spending over half the year apart, we are now busier than ever before. We have proven that as a team we can work together in new ways and keep communicating despite the distance between us. Though our plans to return to the studio have been postponed we're excited for what 2021 will bring as new major projects begin and we look forward to welcoming our first Root Studio baby!!

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank all of our clients, both old and new, for their loyalty and support over the year and for those that are still suffering as a result of the virus we hope to see you back to full strength soon.

All the best, Root Studio