An exciting and vibrant brand for the most theatrical of businesses

Wretch & Rascal

A creative duo from Leicester, Wretch & Rascal offer theatrical photo booth hire for weddings and events across the UK. With a fantastic product and a passion for creating an extraordinary atmosphere this new brand is already creating somewhat of a buzz.

W&R approached us with big ambitions for their start-up brand. They wanted to push the boundaries of web design with a loud and inventive use of colour and typography - so we set to work on producing one of our favourite brands to date. With a rugged, letterpress style logotype and vibrant colour palette the duo's identity screams creativity and our fresh and innovative website design sparks the user's imagination.

A totally unique (and totally mad) website design

Punchy, bold colours and creative typography are no strangers to a Root Studio website design but never have they been more effective that on the Wretch & Rascal site. As well creating a bold look, we also wanted to take the user out of their comfort zone and deep into the magical, theatrical world that W&R create in their photo shoots. Through both the language that's used throughout the site and the Alice in Wonderland style illustrations we've created a website design like no other.

All very exciting and we are well chuffed how it has turned out! A great collaboration! Please thank all your team on their hard work. Wretch and Rascal are totes happy!