Rebranding the Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

Working closely with their internal marketing team, we developed the LHP brand both externally and internally.

For their public brand, a professional appearance that expressed their core values was important to LHP. We reviewed and refreshed everything from the ground up: colours, typefaces, layouts, use of photography - you name it, it's covered by their new and extensive brand guidelines document! On top of this we wanted to establish an internal brand to help establish a strong culture for all staff members working at LHP. This internal brand features a less formal design, hand drawn elements and an extended colour palette to add even more personality and flair to their materials.

Adding character to the internal brand

To breathe more energy and creative freedom into the internal brand we introduced illustration and animation into the picture. We've animated screensavers, annual reports and e-cards whilst illustration and iconography is now common place for LHP staff members.