Doing what we can to reduce our impact on the environment

We’re proud to be carbon neutral and consider the environment in everything we do

Were always looking for opportunities for greener and more sustainable solutions for both our clients and the way we work. Find out more about what were doing to lessen our impact below.

Root Studio Lincoln Root Studio Lincoln

Carbon neutral forever

We’ve taken responsibility for our impact on the planet and have pledged to be carbon neutral forever

We calculate our carbon footprint on an annual basis, paying close attention to our energy and water usage, our suppliers, the work we produce and the equipment we use to produce it. This even extends to our daily commute and the things we eat.

Our offset projects

Offsetting our carbon footprint

Each year were responsible for around 15 tonnes of CO2 and each year we over-offset this figure to ensure that we're doing everything we can to leave a positive long-term affect on the planet.

Weve offset by planting trees, seagrass, mangroves, seed balls and supporting green energy and clean drinking water projects across the globe. In doing so weve also created and protected habitats for many threatened species and provided sustainable employment.

Reducing our impact

Since measuring our footprint annually, weve already made changes to the way we work. This includes:

  • Reducing our energy consumption where possible

  • Using public transport and walking or cycling to work where appropriate

  • Continuing with our hybrid working model to reduce our impact from commuting

  • Re-assessing our digital suppliers to ensure they’re as efficient as possible in terms of their own energy consumption

  • Continuing to care for our equipment to ensure it lasts as long as possible and recycling wherever possible

  • Switching to using more plant-based alternatives for our consumables

  • Continuing to make sustainable choices with our clients’ printed items

Working with not-for-profits

We're proud to offer registered charities and not-for-profits an exclusive, discounted rate when collaborating on projects, helping them to deliver their invaluable work. In all, our discounts total around £20,000 per year in donated services.

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What we’re doing

Discover how we're working to be greener

Each year well re-evaluate whether there are any measures we can take to reduce our impact moving forward and offset our footprint via a number of reputable organisations worldwide.

Energy and water

We endeavour to use as many carbon-neutral third party digital services as possible. Where this is not possible we will offset the energy that we are responsible for.

We use electricity responsibly and switch off any electrical items when not in use.

The building in which our Lincoln studio is based uses solar power.

We ensure that all equipment is well looked after and is built to the highest standards.

Heating is adjusted with energy consumption in mind.


The studio team use public transport and walking or cycling to work where appropriate.

For long-distance client meetings, a video call is always our primary recommendation.

As a team we work remotely up to 2 days a week.

Goods and services

When purchasing goods or outsourcing services we consider the environmental performance of our suppliers as well as the impact of the goods (favouring environmentally sustainable options over cost).

Waste and recycling

We re-use or recycle our waste wherever possible.

We minimise the use of paper in our studio space.