Through the looking glass: go behind the scenes of our recent gin advert

Project News
South ormsby massingberd mundy gin advert design by root studio

Lincolnshire's Massingberd-Mundy estate has recently launched it's new range of bottled gins from it's very own distillery and we had the pleasure of creating their teaser campaign.

Working with local PR & Marketing agency, Purple Robot, we planned out a design that would be both elegant and subtle, defining the characteristics of their flagship gin and great bottle shape. In a bold move, it was decided not to show the label of the gin but to use this bottle shape, together with its crystal clear gin contents to frame and warp the advert's main headline. 

To achieve the look we began experimenting. After first designing the layout of the ad we wanted to see how exactly the text would be warped by the bottle. So we created the set ready to take photos with the text displayed behind a curved glass bottle and the results were interesting, giving a true representation of this creative effect rather than relying on filters and tools in Photoshop. 

Using these images as a guide we translated the ripples and quirks onto our design, keeping the edges nice and crisp wherever possible and the headline clear and legible. Following this we built up the composite image, layered the advert design and voila!

South ormsby massingberd mundy gin advert design by root studio2

We really enjoyed working with Purple Robot on the project and always enjoy a creative challenge!