Creating the RSPB's Canna Explorer Backpacks

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Biosecurity for LIFE RSPB Kids Explorer Activity Backpack

We've been working with the RSPB's Biosecurity for LIFE team since we established the brand last year and one of our latest projects has been to create an activity pack for young explorers when they arrive on the beautiful Scottish island of Canna.

'Biosecurity' is the practice of protecting places from the threats to wildlife posed by introducing diseases, plants or animals that do not naturally occur in their natural habitat. Seabirds often choose to nest on islands with no land predators and are particularly vulnerable to introduction of predators such as rats, cats, hedgehogs etc. The team at Biosecurity for LIFE work hard to raise awareness of the threat of invasive predators and put in place systems to prevent their accidental introduction to islands.

Recently we've worked alongside the team to create this fantastic activity pack for children aiming to encourage them to look closer during their visit to Canna, enjoying the sights, smells and protected species that they're likely to encounter during their trip. In doing so, the pack also highlights the threat posed by invasive species to many of the UK's seabird population and explains how visitors can take precautions to ensure the threat is minimised on protected islands such as Canna.

The project involved the sourcing of various items including children's binoculars, a bug net, magnifying glass and magnifying container a hardwearing, embroidered backpack and a fantastic bespoke card game which in turn hangs from a branded lanyard. The card game, printed directly onto a YUPO material to keep it protected from the weather (and ensuring that it's wipeable!), features an A-Z set trivia and activities to keep visitors of all ages entertained and informed.

Biosecurity for LIFE RSPB Kids Activity Card Game C

"It’s been a pleasure working on this project with Root. We wanted to produce an engaging activity pack that will inspire families to explore and appreciate the beautiful island of Canna and combine that with strong biosecurity messaging. It’s been such an enjoyable process working with Root’s creativity and patience, and we’re looking forward to seeing the activity packs in action – where they will help visitors to protect seabirds on Canna and beyond."
Sarah Lawrence, RSPB

Find out more about Biosecurity for LIFE on their website.