A creative awareness campaign for the RSPB's Biosecurity for LIFE project

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RSPB Biosecurity for LIFE website design by Root Studio

The accidental introduction of invasive predators are a massive threat to local seabird populations nesting on islands off the coast of the UK.

Our nation is home to almost 8 million seabirds and the most important colonies can be found off-shore on special protected islands. It's vitally important that these islands remain free from high-risk predators and the survival of the seabirds that nest there is dependent on our protection. Believe it or not there were no systems or protocols in place to stop this potentially devastating introduction from occurring, instead the focus has been on removing such predators after the incursion has happened. The RSPB and its partners have created a new organisation, Biosecurity for LIFE, to introduce such plans and prevent visitors and businesses from unknowingly transporting rats, mice, stoats, hedgehogs, minks and feral cats to their island destination. 

With a great deal of experience working on other nature conservation projects across the world, our creative proposal was well received by the team as was our plan to deliver the brand and its vision in such a way that would engage coastal tourists, residents and workers with the problem and its solutions. 

Biosecurity for life logo design by root studio 01

Working closely with the partners involved we developed a powerful brand, whose eye-catching design is already helping to stop its audience in their tracks and take notice. The logo we designed for the business is clean and contemporary with a bold colour palette and abstract design, it's also provided the team with a great deal of flexibility in its application (supported by a comprehensive brand guidelines document to make using the logo clear and consistent). 

Poster graphic

We used their new elegant yet punchy brand to create a series of multi-lingual poster designs (visible at coastal resorts, ferry stations and so on) to draw attention to the issue at ground level. In addition to this we have forged a bold, digital marketing campaign with a structured social marketing schedule utilising a fantastic set of animated social graphics that are sure to engage with the target audience. Each social graphic focuses on a different aspect of the problem and solution with a simple, memorable breakdown of how the general public and businesses alike can make a difference and take responsibility for their own biosecurity. 

To accompany their social and printed campaigns we produced a stunning website detailing everything you need to know about the project, the invasive species and the birds the project is trying to protect. The colourful website has since seen a great deal of recognition and has recently been shortlisted for a web design award by worldwide awarding body 'Awwwards' (final judging has yet to take place). The project as a whole saw instant success with coverage across major news outlets BBC, Mail Online, The Telegraph, ITV and Yahoo (to name but a few!).

Further promotion of the project will take place with a series of events and public consultations, as Biosecurity for LIFE set their plans and procedures in motion. To help spread the word in a professional way we produced some fantastic exhibition and promotional tools for the organisation to use. Working with the team we created a unique set of exhibition displays whose modular composition allow for the greatest flexibility and lightweight design ensure that the team are able to visit remote island destinations on small boats and light aircraft. As promotional giveaways we also produced free samples of cruelty free 'rodent detector cards' which will allow boat-owners to discover the presence of invasive predators aboard their vessel and remove them accordingly.

Overall it's been an absolute pleasure working with the RSPB team on such an important project and we look forward to supporting them on their journey. To find out more about Biosecurity for LIFE and their amazing project visit their website.