Add character to your brand with traditional and contemporary digital illustrations

Illustration & Character Design

With a wide spectrum of styles in our repertoire, our illustration service offers you the chance to break away from the norm.

One of our core illustration services is character design and anatomical illustrations. Whether we're producing a detailed diagram of an important species, creating a whimsical character to steer a brand forward (or even something in between), we take great care to build the right tone for the right audience. Working closely with you we'll ensure that your character has the right personality to suit your brand and appeal to your target audience.

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Bespoke illustrative map design

Over the years we've created maps for many clients in many different styles including detailed country parks, inspiring city centre developments and playful event layouts. Each illustrated map we produce is hand made with care and attention to detail and never fail to lead you in the right direction. Even our most illustrative designs are produced with a digital pencil to ensure that your artwork will be infinitely scalable and provide you greater flexibility moving forwards. 

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Working with Root Studio has been an absolute pleasure. Their creative design, efficiency and customer service is second to none.

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