Case Study

Colour, creativity, fun and authenticity all rolled into one for this unique restaurant chain

Mission Burrito map wall mural design by Root Studio

Mission Burrito is one of our longest standing clients and over the years we have produced a broad range of print, signage & environmental graphics for their ever-growing chain of restaurants.

We love working with businesses that are passionate about what they do, and Mission Burrito is certainly that. With a great story and an urge to produce the most authentic and fresh burritos in the country we've thoroughly enjoyed playing a part in their success. Above all we strive to highlight the business' fun personality through our designs.

Seating upstairs sign design by Root Studio Wall mounted restaurant menu design by Root Studio

Menu signage design

One of the challenges that Mission Burrito have faced is making the customer's decision-making process as easy as possible. With all burritos made fresh to order and a loyal and hungry crowd forming - it's important that any newbie customers know their tinga from their tomatillo. So our menu system makes sure that you're only ever four simple steps away from burrito-heaven. 

Restaurant wall mounted menu display designs by Root Studio
Restaurant window decal design by Root Studio Letterpress poster design by Root Studio
Mission Burrito poster design by Root Studio
Burrito restaurant social media designs by Root Studio

As well as in-store marketing materials that have transformed the look of our stores, the campaigns that Root Studio have produced have really re-injected the fun into our identity.

Pulled chicken burrito illustration by Root Studio Spicy pulled chicken Fuego poster design by Root Studio
Food truck poster design by Root Studio Illustrated Food truck poster design by Root Studio