Branding for Derbyshire Wine & Craft Ale Bar 'The Underdog'

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Underdog Wine & Ale Bar Logo Design

When we were approached by a couple looking to open their first trendy wine and ale bar to break the mould in Derbyshire we knew we wanted to create something special.

The small town of Dronfield is home to several traditional country pubs but with a growing younger population and no current offering for craft beer or wine enthusiasts in the town it was clear that the adult population were heading to nearby Sheffield for a more modern setting for a night out. In light of this The Underdog was born, a bar catering directly for this under appreciated market. 

Working closely with the owners we discussed a number of potential routes forward for the branding and developed a logo that has real substance and character with a style that could sit comfortably in any modern setting but also give a subtle 1920s feel. The condensed logotype we have created gives the logo a timeless quality and their bespoke icon design will undoubtedly become synonymous with the brand in its own right.

The bar is set to open later this year and we're looking forward to our first pint in the new establishment! 

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