Our studio’s brand experts have been modernising and refining brands for 17 years

Building a powerful brand is more than just creating a logo - it’s about connecting with the right people and discovering your true voice

We work collaboratively with our clients to bring their brand’s personality to life, reveal the true values of their audience and build cohesive and flexible design systems to communicate their story across all mediums and interactions.

How we work

Developing brand experiences that communicate with audiences at a deeper level

We’ll work with you on your journey from rediscovering what defines your brand, highlighting how we can resonate with your audience, establishing creative brand systems and maintaining a cohesive set of brand assets.

The discovery phase

It all starts with a conversation. Working closely with you, we’ll discover not only ‘what’ you do and ‘how’ you did it but ‘why’. We’ll also perform competitor research and create customer profiles and user journey maps in order to see the bigger picture before considering the most appropriate route for developing your brand.

The creative process

Developing an existing brand is more complex as there are already a number of brand applications and touchpoints that need to be considered. During the design phase we’ll explore a number of creative directions for the evolution of your brand, all undergoing a thorough process of iteration and refinement before being presented to you alongside a range of example applications of the brand in order for you to examine the proposed design ‘in action’. 

Brand guidelines & assets

With the relaunch of a brand, consistency is vital to its success. With your design developed and approved, we’ll produce a comprehensive set of brand guidelines that will outline how the updated branding should be used from this point forward. This will be supported by a logo pack containing all variations, brand assets and file formats optimised for both print and screen use.

Brand guardianship

We love to establish close, long-term working relationships with our clients and this is truly the best way to maintain a consistent brand for years to come. Working on either an ad-hoc or retainer basis we can work side by side with you as your brand guardians ensuring that external (and internal) communications are always on point.  

Examples of our work

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Frequently asked questions

How much does a logo redesign cost?

Brand development fees can vary from client to client depending on the scale of the operation and the number of brand applications that need to be considered during the creative process. Please contact us to discuss your brand refresh and we’d be happy to discuss ballparks.

What file formats are contained within a logo pack?

As standard, each logo pack will contain infinitely scalable vector graphics (.eps & .pdf files) as well as optimised raster images (.jpeg & transparent .png). We’ll share files set to CMYK and RGB for print/screen use and will also export a set of social media avatar images for you to use.

What format does a brand guidelines document come as?

A set of brand guidelines and its associated assets can take many forms - from a printed document to a PDF or even a microsite with downloadable assets.

I am outside of the UK, how would this work?

No problem, we have many overseas clients and meet regularly via video call. All estimates and bills are provided in GBP and can be paid via bank transfer or credit card.

How do you bill for a brand redesign?

After a design contract has been agreed we will send over a deposit invoice for between 25-50% of the project fee (subject to requirements). The remaining balance will be broken down into milestones throughout the project. All invoices are subject to our standard 30 day payment terms.

Got a question?

Please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your business and are always happy to help.

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