Experimental letterpress typography for restaurant posters

Project News
Letterpress poster design for Mission Burrito

Our long-standing client, Mission Burrito, approached us wanting to remind Oxford locals that not only were they the original burrito restaurant of this beautiful town but they also have a range of amazing menu choices and deals available to them.

We knew that this needed to be a campaign with real impact - something unique to the Mission Burrito store that gave a sense of heritage whilst also showcasing the amazing range of ingredients and menu choices available. It soon became clear that with so many great stories to tell, we were looking at a series of graphics for print and social media and that each should have their own distinct look. 

Mission burrito letterpress experimental typography

'Oxford's Original' became the consistent message across the whole range as well as an array of fresh ingredients, herbs and spices that the restaurant use in their authentic recipes. We established a colour scheme, inspired by traditional Mexican art and design, and decided to reflect the passion and energy of the restaurant staff, as well as their heritage, through the use of hand printed letterpress typography using our own collection of wood block type. 

Mission Burrito hand drawn logo

By experimenting with different ink levels and paper weights we created a library of letter prints with stunning textures, ink blobs and misprints that we could use to piece together a series of creative headings for the range of posters. The artwork was built up from layer upon layer of photography, textures, colour overlays, tints, lighting tweaks, SVG fonts and a hand drawn version of the logo to create the finished pieces you see below.