Our creative rebrand and redesign of SAA's Paint Magazine

SAA, Newark

Paint Magazine is SAA's quarterly membership publication intended to inspire and encourage its following of amateur, emerging and professional artists.

We worked with the team to create a new brand identity and a creative redesign of the magazine more befitting of its artistic readership. Since revisiting the design and layout, the artwork showcased within the magazine can stand proud supported by stunning typography and handy hints and tips from professional artists throughout.

A fantastic showcase for the world's biggest art community

When we set about redesigning Paint magazine it was important that the artistic content was allowed to shine through. With this in mind we stripped back the design of the pre-existing mag to its bare essentials and rebuilt the layout from the ground up. With a flexible grid, gorgeous typography and more space dedicated to artwork; the magazine now sings with colour and presents contributors with a creative outlet they can be truly proud of. 

It was clear from our first meeting that Root Studio had done their homework. From then on, we worked collaboratively alongside each other, sharing ideas and thoughts. The results are thrilling whilst the team at Root have consistently been professional and pleasant to deal with. Top marks.