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We give your brand substance and take it to the next level through audience research, creative strategy and compelling design

Building your new brand is so much more than just designing a nice logo. It’s about creating the right persona and striking the right tone to enable you to develop lasting relationships with your target audience.

How we work

To make the most of your brand, our team of designers will follow a series of steps

No two identities are ever the same and as such the process can vary from project-to-project but each process starts with a conversation. 

Research & discovery

Understanding your business and its audience is vital in order to develop a brand that not only looks good but makes you feel something too. During our conversations we’ll dig deep to discover how your business operates, explore your goals for the future and gain a detailed insight into your customer base. From this information we’ll produce a profile of your business and its audience forming the basis of a design brief for your new brand identity. 

The design process

Logo design is an extremely thorough process in the studio with several design team discussions, concept meetings and iterations. Following this we will typically present to you at least three concepts for discussion, each of which will meet the brief with their own unique approach. After discussion we will further refine and develop your preferred option until you're totally happy with your new logo design. 

Brand asset management

Once a design is approved, we’ll produce your logo pack. This will provide you with all the filetypes and variations that you’ll require for print, web and social media (including animated logos if required). We’ll also share a breakdown of the typeface(s) and colours used in your new logo as well as any supporting colours agreed during the design process. Taking this a step further we can also produce a digital library or microsite allowing you to share access for interested parties to download the relevant brand assets required. 

Brand consistency

For any brand, consistency is vital to maintaining the look and feel that we have all worked hard to achieve up until this point. That’s where a detailed brand guidelines document and editable brand templates come in. Your guidelines will include details such as exclusion zones, typographic hierarchy, example layouts and more and can take the form of a printed document, a PDF or an interactive microsite.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a logo design cost?

Logo design fees can vary from business to business - unfortunately this isn’t a one-size-fits-all service as every project is unique. Typically fees start from around £2,000+VAT.

How many revisions are included?

Up to three rounds of revisions as standard within our design contracts. Additional changes after this point are evaluated and estimated based on their complexity (we will never charge you extra without permission).

How long does the process normally take?

Timeframes can vary from project to project but as a rough guide the process can take between 3-5 weeks or it can take several months depending on the scale of application.

What happens if I don’t like the design concepts?

It’s important to consider how your target audience would respond to the brand rather than rely on personal preference but if you don’t think any of the concepts fit the bill then we will discuss why this might be before revisiting the design phase and presenting more concepts for your consideration.

I am outside of the UK, how would this work?

No problem, we have many overseas clients and meet regularly via video call. All estimates and bills are provided in GBP and can be paid via bank transfer or credit card.

How do you bill for a logo design?

After a design contract has been agreed we will send over a deposit invoice for between 25-50% of the project fee (subject to requirements). The remaining balance will be billed upon completion with our standard 30 day payment terms.

Can you produce brand templates?

Yes, we can produce templates for most typical softwares including Microsoft Office but also templates for email newsletters, social media, Adobe CC and more - if you have specific requirements please get in touch.

Got a question?

Please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your business and are always happy to help.

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