St Barnabas Hospice

St Barnabas Hospice, Lincoln

Ranked as one of the top not-for-profits in the country, St Barnabas Hospice hosts a wide range of fundraising activities throughout the year in order to maintain the amazing end of life care services and support that they provide

Over the course of just the last couple of years we've worked with the Hospice on a range of designs including branding their Adventures with St Barnabas campaign, managing and supporting their website and producing digital campaigns for their flagship fundraising projects Light Up A Life and Dragonflies which were a huge success despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Light up a Life Appeal

During the worldwide pandemic, St Barnabas' usual fundraising events were cancelled. In 2020 we decided to take their emotional Light up a Life campaign online with a new digital presence that captured the atmosphere of their incredible torchlit procession through Lincoln's historical Cathedral Quarter. The response to the campaign was amazing and raised funds of over £76,000 - a new record, doubling that of their previous campaigns!

£76k Raised, a new record!

Working with the team at Root Studio is always a pleasure. They have shown time and time again they can create new, inspiring visuals for campaigns. This is a shift in style for St Barnabas and something never seen in the Hospice movement, which is why it has been recognised nationally for its individuality.