Website design for Leicester based charity LOROS Hospice

LOROS Hospice, Leicester

LOROS provides unbelievable compassionate care for terminally ill patients and their families across Leicestershire & Rutland. When we were approached to work with them on their new website we jumped at the chance to support this amazing charity.

The Hospice strives to provide innovative care for the community so it makes sense that our approach to the website should be no less innovative. Built to last and designed to set a new sector benchmark, the new LOROS website is not only incredibly informative for patients, families and carers alike but also provides a powerful digital tool for promoting the many ways that the public can support the charity.

With regular events, international fundraising challenges, lottery and raffle draws, scratch cards and donation forms all providing valuable income generation for the charity, it's important that these were well considered from both a user and management perspective. 

The website also houses information for training, research, venue hire, staff noticeboards, business and school involvement, VR headsets and more!

The majority of the Care Service pages on the LOROS site were required to include long-form, detailed content for users to read through at their leisure. In order to support this but streamline the website (allowing users to find the content they're looking for quickly and easily) we designed a modular system by which the management team could build up pages piece by piece according to the type of content required.

Research and strategy are important parts of our website design process and for LOROS we conducted a series of digital user journey workshops, with staff members working in different areas of the organisation, in order to built up a thorough understanding of the types of users the website attracts together with their individual requirements, tasks, values and emotions at different stages of their LOROS journey. 

It's been fantastic working with Root Studio start to finish. The team worked with us to redevelop our website which was complex with a high number of distinct goals and audiences. The team were incredibly insightful when it came to understanding what we and our users needed. Everyone was responsive and helpful right from the research phase, during design and implementation, all the way through to launch and beyond. I couldn't recommend Root Studio enough and look forward to working with them in the future.