Creative branding and logo design for your business

Branding & Logo Design

For any business, your branding is incredibly important and is so much more than just a logo design.

Your 'brand' encompasses the way you present your product or service to the outside world, whether it's a clever business card design, a highly optimised website or a printed leaflet - everything is linked and everything should be consistent with a single vision or message.

A logo and brand designed by Root Studio is carefully crafted, imaginative and beautifully polished, whilst your target audience, USP and end goals are all key considerations for our designers throughout the creative process.

Branding consultants and logo design specialists

Whatever you'd like to call us, our designers are adaptive. With a love for design in its many forms we are able to craft a logo design that is truly bespoke to your business and build an inspiring brand around it. 

Branding and logo design for events

If you're marketing a new event or conference it's important to hit the right tone and appeal to the right audience. We have a wealth of experience in producing brands for successful events and it's a sector that we've become more and more involved with over the years. See below for examples of great event logo designs. 

Root Studio have been efficient and proactive, particularly in meeting deadlines, their added value support on design & branding is inspired!