In order to communicate with your audience effectively, you must first understand them

We produce insight-driven brands and through our comprehensive research and discovery process we are able to highlight fresh opportunities

We do our homework. Through competitive analysis, brand workshops, analysing user behaviour and keyword research we can build detailed personas and user journey maps that will uncover new avenues for interaction and help your brand to communicate with its audience in a deeper, more meaningful way.

How we work

Add more weight to your brand strategy through customer profiling

Building a successful brand is about more than just how it looks but how it makes you feel. Understanding what makes your audience tick is the first step towards appealing to them more affectively.

Understanding your brand

It all starts with a conversation. During this initial discovery phase we’ll meet with your team to reveal the status quo including what you’re currently doing and how it’s going in order to set a benchmark against which we can assess future performance. We’ll discuss your brand’s values, its services and day to day operations to gain a top-down view of your business.

Understanding your market

Our brand team will research your key competitors, examining current trends and discovering any untapped opportunities for your business. At the end of this process you’ll receive a thorough competitive analysis document for review.

Understanding your audience

User research is the most vital part of the process. Our research will start with any available data from your CRM, your website and your social media accounts in order to assess user behaviours and interactions. Working with you, we’ll then perform a series of workshops with your customers, front-line staff and marketing team that will result in the production of a User Empathy Map (or ‘persona’) as well as a detailed User Journey Map. 

Branding & marketing strategy

With all of this homework complete we’ll be in the position to discuss data-led strategies for developing your brand and how you communicate with your audience. You’ll meet with our experienced branding and marketing experts to discuss new opportunities and any potential shifts in how you present the business and its products and services moving forward.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does customer profiling cost?

To gain a thorough understanding of your audience is a process that typically takes between 6-8 weeks and fees start at around £3,500+VAT.

What does a Customer Empathy Map include?

A Customer Empathy Map (or ‘persona’) is a detailed overview of your typical customer. It will include a breakdown of their typical attributes (age, gender, location, background, character traits etc.), as well as an overview of their core goals and tasks. The map will also consider your customer’s mindset, what issues they might come across and what information might influence their decisions.

What does a Customer Journey Map include?

Informed by your Customer Empathy Map (or ‘persona’), your Journey Map would break your customer’s typical journey with your business into various stages. For each stage we’ll examine what tasks and questions they might have, we’ll consider how they might interact with your business, what mindset they’ll be in and what might influence their decisions. At the end of the process you’ll have a detailed overview of how and where you should be making contact with customers and what matters to them at that particular stage.

How long does the process normally take?

To gain a thorough understanding of your audience is a process that typically takes between 6-8 weeks.

How long do the workshops normally take?

Brand workshops can take anywhere between 1.5-2.5 hrs per session. In most cases you will need two workshops minimum.

I am outside of the UK, how would this work?

No problem, we have many overseas clients and can perform workshops remotely via Zoom. All estimates and bills are provided in GBP and can be paid via bank transfer or credit card.

How do you bill for Customer Profiling?

After a contract has been agreed we will send over a deposit invoice for between 25-50% of the project fee (subject to requirements). The remaining balance will be billed upon completion with our standard 30 day payment terms.

Got a question?

Please feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear about your business and are always happy to help.

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