Characterful pub quiz branding for local charity, St Barnabas Hospice

Project News
StBarnabas Hospice Pub Quiz Illustrated Coaster Design by Root Studio

Recently we worked with St Barnabas on another colourful and creative campaign - this time aimed at a new audience: pub goers!

This new campaign focuses on spreading the word of St Barnabas Hospice's valuable work within the community amongst a new crowd in a fun and engaging way. St Barnabas will approach local pubs to take on their Pub Quiz pack (including beer mats, posters, social media artwork and, of course, some challenging questions!) with the intention that the Hospice's brand will be visible to those taking part. The packs will then help inform them of the care they provide and, hopefully, encourage them to make a donation to support the cause. 

The project kicked off with a branding exercise whereby we presented a range of concepts for the team to review. The final logo is a playful design in the style of a traditional pub sign.

St Barnabas Charity Pub Quiz logo design by Root Studio

Following this we presented a variety of ideas for quirky, interactive coaster designs that would grab the attention of the quizzers! The final design features a range of characters created using the Hospice's signature yellow circle. These characters poke fun at the personalities you might find within a stereotypical pub quiz dream team! 

StBarnabas Hospice Pub Quiz Illustrated Beer Mat Design by Root Studio 2

StBarnabas Hospice Pub Quiz Illustrated Coaster Design by Root Studio 3

Then there's the poster helping to promote the event...

St Barnabas Pub Quiz A Board Poster Design by Root Studio

As always, it's been a great pleasure working with the St Barnabas team and we wish them all the best with the new campaign! If you wish to make a donation please visit their website