How regular reviews will improve your website

Website review by Root Studio

So we’ve spent weeks working on the design of your new website. We’ve coded the site using the latest W3C standards and built in everything to give you that great start that your site needs. If we’ve built in a content management system (CMS) you’ll also have all the tools you need to add and edit content throughout the site. So - we’re done, right?

If you’ve opted for the CMS then you should be able to manage your own site going forward without any help from us, and that’s true. However at Root Studio, a website launch is just the start of the journey for a new website and every site we build now comes with a free 6 month review as standard.

Root Studio website reviews help you make sense of how those first few months went. They help you delve deeper into the stats to find out how successful your launch was, who your key visitors are and most importantly what we could all be doing to make the website even better. As we’ve mentioned before, a website should be tended much like a garden, and we’re here to help you mow the lawn!

In a typical review we’ll use (and translate) Google Analytics to present easily digestible stats on your new website build, stats including:

  • Visitor numbers
  • Most popular pages
  • Highest referring websites
  • How long people are staying on your site
  • Your most popular keywords with Google
  • What devices people are browsing your site with
  • How people are finding your website

And using this data we can profile how an average visit to your site plays out.

Visit East Lincolnshire showed a 555% increase in pageviews just 3 months after launch

VEL website review

It’s great to see an overview of how the website is performing in terms of visitors (who, how, where etc.), content, page speed, search ranking and overall performance.  Having invested both time and money in our new website it is important to us that it’s performing as well as it can.  Root Studio not only provide the facts and figures but also suggestions on how we can improve and develop the site to get better results.  All in all we feel this service provided by Root Studio is essential and we will continue to have these reviews for the foreseeable future.
Karen Edwards, East Lindsey District Council.

We’ll also look into your search engine presence and let you know how the website is bedding into the Google pagerank system. Are you ranking highly for the kind of searches you want to or could we be doing a bit more? We’ll also pay particular attention to the site speed where we research Google’s latest ranking changes and make sure that the site is scoring as highly as possible in their page speed tests - not just on desktop but on mobile too. The importance of this grows by the day and, with the goal posts regularly moving, it’s a good idea to keep on top of these stats.

After highlighting areas for improvement in their first website review, the Lincolnshire Show has seen a 13% reduction in loading times.

The final section in our free website review is the all important recommendations section. Our reviews aren’t a sales tool - we want you to get real value from them and we want your website to be a huge success. As such the recommendations only include advice we think will improve your website for you and your customers. This could mean recommended content updates you can make for free in your CMS, or suggestions on new content you could add to the site. We’ll also suggest any design, code or hosting advancements that could take your website to the next level.

After being approached for a website review by the Lincolnshire Showground we suggested a variety of updates and improvements that would benefit the site and its users. Since then the site has been recoded from the ground up to include our easy-to-use CMS and is soon to launch some larger UI improvements that will make a huge impact to usability (more about this soon).

“We’ve had website reviews for both the Show and Showground sites in 2016. We find them really valuable to give an insight into the overall performance of our websites, who our visitors are and how they behave whilst using the site and whether they’re up to scratch with page speed scores and mobile-friendliness – plus much more. We’ve find the suggestions for future developments for the websites really useful, and combined with our own ideas, make things really simple when planning and budgeting for the upcoming year of projects.”
Rachael Hurst, Marketing Manager - Lincolnshire Showground

Amberol Ltd, in year two since their website launch, have been taking advantage of more regular reviews and as a result we have seen month by month improvements in their search engine ranking and a 29% increase in website visitors, 18-20 months after the new website launched.

"Root Studio's website reviews have proved very useful. They ensure we take time out every few months to evaluate how the website is performing and offer suggested tweaks. We choose which ones to go with (usually all), and the next website review helps us see the difference these tweaks have made. It is a perfect method of continual evaluating and improving the website. Something we would never manage to find the time, or have the knowledge to do ourselves."
Patience Atkinson, Amberol Ltd.

If you'd like to find out more or if you’d like us to review your current website then don't hesitate to get in touch.