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SHD Composites responsive website design

SHD Composites were looking for a design team to take their website presence to the next level. As manufacturers of advanced composite prepreg materials, the company needed a website that demonstrated their advanced, flexible and modern service to new and current customers alike. Most of all they wanted a new website design that reflected their growing business and global ambitions.

Working closely with the marketing team we developed an initial brief which outlined the need to show a more professional and tailored approach. We needed to demonstrate what sets SHD apart from their competition. For instance, the team pride themselves on a fast turnaround, coupled with advanced technology led by their strong focus on research and development. 

We can’t recommend Root Studio enough! The team perfectly understood our requirements...

Dannielle Tooley, SHD Composites

It was clear from the start that the existing branding was important and we were able to better integrate this into the look and feel of the website design rather than enforce any changes to an identity that has become recognisable throughout the industry. 

Building from this base we've been able to inject more life into their website with clever use of photography and subtle animations throughout. We've also focussed on increasing the prominence of case studies and R&D within the design - all the while driving customers to get in touch, either via a singular point of contact or directly on the phone.

SHD laptop social image

How we list and filter products was always an important consideration for the new website design. Any changes we made to the site needed to keep the ease of use current customers had come to expect from the filterable product listing. We've built on this aim and managed to reduce the steps needed for current customers to filter products and arrive at the data sheet they need.

Nothing is too much of a problem and their customer care and creativity are some of the best we’ve seen. We love our website, and can’t wait to work on our next project with you.

Dannielle Tooley, SHD Composites

We were delighted to be able to design and build the site according to a strict schedule that prepared the site's launch in time for a busy conference season this autumn and we're pleased to say that SHD are thrilled with the results. We look forward to helping them translate some of the changes we've made over to their other digital and printed marketing materials. 

Take a look at the new SHD Composites site.