A showcase of work produced for this exciting venue

Lincolnshire Showground

There's never a dull moment with a client such as this.

From projects ranging from agricultural shows to Elton John concerts, comedy events and food fairs this excitingly eclectic venue always keeps us on our toes! As well as a focus on individual events we've worked hard with the team to develop their own brand across both their printed and online marketing efforts. 

13,000 visits to the site on average each month

Bringing fresh events to the Showground

Whilst the upgraded website and rebranded events have been a huge success it's important that the Showground attracts more and more headline acts and attractions. We've not only redesigned their showcase brochure to help market the opportunities to hand but we've also built a custom behind-the-scenes document portal to help share vital information with event partners for forthcoming shows.  

From a crowd of thousands to just a special two

The Lincolnshire Showground's 270 acre site not only accommodates ground-breaking acts - it's also open to more private cake-cutting affairs too. With a particular focus on large-scale wedding receptions we were tasked with creating a wedding sub-brand for the Showground together with a range of marketing materials to help promote this unique Lincolnshire wedding venue.  

Tasteful event branding

As a studio of greedy food lovers, working on the branding of a range of foodie events is a dream come true. The Lincolnshire Food & Gift fair in particular has swiftly become one of the biggest and best fairs of its kind and our rebranding of the event has brought even more fun and festive flair to the occasion. 

Creative branding for a variety of original events

As well as hosting events from global superstars, the Lincolnshire Showground now also plays host to a wide range of homegrown events. We've worked closely with the team over the last few years to brand a variety of events and attractions including Countryside Lincs, Comedy Curry, Lincolnshire Food & Gift Fair, the Lincolnshire Show, the annual Farming Conference as well as a variety of seasonal parties and activities throughout the year. 

We’re confident that Root Studio will continue to support and advise us in their friendly and helpful way as we continue to work together.