Protecting the nation's seabirds from invasive predators

RSPB Biosecurity for LIFE, Edinburgh

Biosecurity for LIFE is an RSPB initiative preventing the accidental introduction of invasive predators protected islands off the coast of the UK.

The RSPB have established a new organisation to introduce measures to prevent visitors and businesses from unknowingly transporting rats, mice, stoats, hedgehogs, minks and feral cats to their island destinations. We were instructed to create the brand, creative awareness campaign and website for this fledgling project.

We developed a powerful brand, whose eye-catching design stops its audience in their tracks to take notice. The logo is clean and contemporary with a bold colour palette and abstract design, it's also provided the team with a great deal of flexibility in its application. 

To help spread the word we produced some fantastic exhibition and promotional tools for the organisation. We created a unique set of exhibition displays whose modular composition allow for fantastic flexibility and their lightweight design allow the team to visit remote island destinations on small boats and light aircraft. We also produced free samples of 'rodent detector cards' which allowing for a cruelty-free discovery of the presence of invasive predators aboard outgoing boats.

We've also worked to deliver supporting campaigns aimed at educating locals, school children and island visitors. This has included interpretation design, animated and illustrated maps, interactive trails and a fantastic adventure backpack for little explorers!

It’s been such an enjoyable process working with Root’s creativity and patience. We wanted to produce something that will inspire people appreciate our beautiful island birds and combine that with strong biosecurity messaging.