Our new branding design for IASTI is truly out of this world

Project News
IASTI branding design by Root Studio Lincoln

Every year in the studio we work on a project that we simply never saw coming. Last year we designed fire engines, this year it's an astronaut school!

The International Air & Space Training Institute (IASTI) is due to launch it's world class training programme in September 2022. With courses designed collaboratively with industry giants such as the Royal Air Force, graduates of the new facility in Newark will leave equipped with all the training they need to launch their careers within the exciting worlds of air and space travel.

The project

Our brief for the project was to create a brand for the IASTI that would be adaptable and flexible enough to appeal to a number of target audiences. This includes students as young as 16 years, mature students of around 30 years and also professional stakeholders, businesses and investors. In addition to this we wanted to give the brand a futuristic, highly technical look and feel - one that would excite students by the possibilities an IASTI course could open up for them.

After performing a great deal of research and analysis into relevant sectors, innovative tech firms and the various target audiences we began work on our vision for the Institute. Our initial concepts included designs inspired by the aurora borealis and solar eclipses, movement and energy, creative imagination and exploration. With each concept we dove deep into their flexibility, creating example applications for wide open areas, narrow or confined spaces and digital or screen based opportunities. We also experimented with how each brand could be brought to life through animation (see examples of our concepts below):

The IASTI logo design

Inspired by natural events such as the Northern Lights as well as cloud formations and the atmosphere, we created a logo that achieves a sense of futurism, mystery and a space-age aesthetic. Brought to life through specialist print finishes such as holographic foils the new branding recreates the movements and other-worldliness of the core theme. 

International Air Space Training Institute IASTI branding by Root Studio

In addition to this we wanted to create a brand that was beautifully minimal, reducing typography and layout to simple, elegant designs that align IASTI with other world leading tech brands and sophisticated innovators.

The IASTI website

We've now launched a holding page encouraging prospective students to register their interest and have begun work on the full IASTI website and digital course guide. Check out the website for yourself here: iasti-newark.co.uk

We're excited to show you how the brand is being applied over the coming months. Watch this space!

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