Your new website, after the launch


Often in our industry there’s a rush to launch a website for a particular deadline - the web presence may be important for a certain event or the website design it’s replacing may simply be too far out of date and it needs banishing as quickly as possible! However we rarely hear about what happens after the launch of a new website.

At Root Studio the launch of your new website is just the start of a journey - we recently heard the phrase that your website should be ‘like a garden’ and this couldn’t be more true. Website’s need regular care and attention if they are to keep climbing up the Google rankings and creating new leads. No one wants to return to your website to find that it hasn’t changed since the last time they viewed it and this extends to the search engine bots crawling your site too - they all want to see regularly updated content.

Pruning your content

Thankfully website changes can be made in numerous ways, not all of which carry extra costs. Most websites that we now produce are bundled with the excellent Perch content management system (CMS) and through regularly updating your own website, using the CMS you already have, you can start to tend to your website. Regular changes to website content coupled with new blog posts and pages, will have the desired effect of improving your ranking with the major search engines whilst providing the added benefit of helping current and future customers with new and engaging information on a regular basis.

What if that’s not enough though? That’s where we can step in and help, as we have been doing for Lincoln’s curtain and blinds specialists, Roger Davis Interiors. Since we launched their new website we’ve been working with our copywriting partners to perform keyword research, leading to more targeted page titles and descriptions and over the next few months we’ll be helping them manage their content throughout the site to help them make regular updates and improve their search ranking - all the while improving their image to current and future customers.

It’s a win, win situation as you get to concentrate on what you do best - your core business - whilst we take care of the rest, helping out with all print and digital design as well as content creation for the site.


Further down the line there may have been changes in website design trends or advancements in coding techniques that your website might be missing out on. This is why we feel it’s important to keep you up to speed with any changes that may have occurred in the world of website design and we offer all our new website customers a free 6 month review.

We’ll produce a report that comments on how the design of your site is holding up, what sections are working well, how it’s performing with the major search engines and how fast your website loads. We wrap this all up with a list of recommendations to take your site to the next stage should you wish.

Your website should never stand still and a redesign and build is just the first step in the journey to a functioning, useful website. If you’d like us to help you develop your web presence then feel free to get in touch.