Branding & Website for the John Mills Institute for Prosperity

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John Mills Institute for Prosperity website design by Root Studio

We're pleased to announce the launch of the new John Mills Institute for Prosperity branding and website.

We have been developing the brand for this fantastic platform for change over recent months. The Institute is a new non-for-profit organisation aiming to provide policymakers with innovative and creative ideas to improve the current economic status of the United Kingdom. 

John Mills himself is a renowned entrepreneur, economist and author and founded the global consumer goods company JML. With a wealth of experience in business, John has published over a dozen books over the last 40 years covering a number of political and economic issues. John is also no stranger to public commentary having appeared on Radio 4's The Today Programme and BBC's Question Time discussing issues relating to the UK's economy amongst other topics. 

John Mills Animated Logo looped

With the Institute for Prosperity, John hopes to 'increase prosperity, growth and equality by putting a more successful economic future at the heart of British political discourse' and his new website is a fantastic platform from which to promote his innovative strategies. Working collectively we designed and developed a bold, impactful brand that establishes the new Institute as modern, confident and professional. Their new mark illustrates their 'outside-the-box' thinking and puzzle solving abilities, whilst also representing an abstract letter 'J'.

John Mills institute for prosperity brochure cover design by root studio

Their new colour palette of navy blue and a vivid rusty orange give the new website and their marketing collateral real presence and the clean, contemporary designs mirror their no-nonsense approach.

The new responsive website is quick, clean and contemporary with subtle animations, refined typography and an extensive, categorised news and research manager built into the content management system.

'Working with Root Studio, we've seen our vision for the Institute for Prosperity come to life. Our new branding and website give us the professional platform we need to promote our research and strategies to the right audience. A smooth, transparent and creative process from start to finish." John Mills Institute for Prosperity

Visit the new John Mills Institute for Prosperity website for yourself here.