Active Lincolnshire Sport & Physical Fitness Awards Branding

Project News
Active Lincolnshire awards branding lanyard by Root Studio

With the outbreak of COVID-19 putting a stop to most sporting events and group physical activities, Active Lincolnshire looked to celebrate those who have found other means of keeping themselves and others healthy during these challenging times.

Active Lincolnshire supports and encourages the people of Lincolnshire to become active every day. They do this by sharing the positive impacts pf physical health and wider mental and physical wellbeing through delivery of a number of programmes, advocacy and partnership working.

Their annual Sport and Physical Activity Awards are usually an opportunity to celebrate the successes across Lincolnshire whether this be through competition, dedication, life changes or personal achievements. With the recent outbreak of Covid-19 and the unprecedented impact it has had on sporting events, not to mention everyday life since March, this year's awards have a new focus of Community Celebration, highlighting and thanking some incredible people, groups and organisations who have stepped up and proactively responded to the situation to keep the people of Lincolnshire active and healthy throughout these difficult times.

Inspired by the concept, we proposed a plan to develop a brand that was accessible and fun with impact and a sense of energy. Working together on a fast-paced schedule we produced a range of concepts for discussion which developed into the flexible animated design above.

In addition to creating the logo itself we were tasked with creating a range of templates allowing Active Lincolnshire to promote the event across social media as well as create packs for sponsors and certificates for winners of the various categories.

Active lincolnshire sports awards social media template

As well as developing a brand for the event we're also sponsoring this year's Social Media Influencer award. This title looks to celebrate "an individual, group or organisation that has made a positive impact to lives of Lincolnshire residents through the power of social media". There's still time to vote for the winner here.