SAAS website design for Crypto Tax experts Recap

Project News

Recently we’ve been working closely with privacy-focussed Crypto Tax SAAS company Recap on a section-by-section redesign of their website.

We were approached by the team at Recap to give an honest and independent review of some of their key landing pages in order to streamline content, simplify the message and boost conversions.

User Journey Mapping

In order to make this sort of evaluation it’s important that we first fully understood the user’s perspective - what are their core values, what tasks might they be looking to achieve?, what questions might they have?, what issues might they have experienced in the past? and so on. So for Recap, the logical starting point was to perform a series of workshops to establish both a User Empathy Map and a User Journey Map to not only build up a full picture of their target audience but also build a framework with which we are able to challenge or evaluate the content, design and approach of their website.

SAAS User Journey Map

Research-driven website design

With the user maps in place, we set to work on refining the content of each section according to a strict hierarchy that linked directly back to the user research we’d collated. The results of which are a streamlined, purposeful redesign of key landing pages with a seamless user flow that answers the most common questions a user might have about the software from the get-go.

"I am so happy with the design of our new website! Tom and the team are experts at driving out the core value proposition and offering through their process of workshops and design iterations. We definitely see Root Studio as our design partner, a creative resource we have on tap that never lets us down and always delivers excellent results. I look forward to continued collaboration with the team on future updates."

Daniel, CEO of Recap

Since addressing the homepage, features, security, integrations and accountants sections we’ve been tasked with revisiting the remaining core sections of the website. Watch this space! and check out the website for yourself here.